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    Urfi Javed Fall Down Video: Urfi Javed was dancing in the rain in a sexy outfit

    Urfi Javed’s sexy video

    Mumbai: Internet sensation Urfi Javed is winning hearts with her recently released music album ‘Haye Haye Ye Majboori’. The song is getting a lot of love from the audience. Meanwhile, the BTS video of the song is going viral on social media, in which Urfi Javed can be seen almost falling from the swing.

    Dressed in an orange sari, Urfi can be seen dancing while standing on a swing in the rain. Looking very sexy and hot, Urfi is seen busy shooting for the song, when her hand is released from the rope of the swing and she slips from the swing (Urfi Javed fall video). However, she survives the fall for a few seconds and the background dancers save her in time.

    Urfi Javed

    Urfi shared this video on his social media handle, with which he wrote in the caption, ‘Yeh Toh Sach ka hi hi ho Gaya the!’ Fans are also giving their reaction with laughing and heart emojis in the comment section of the video.

    One user wrote, ‘Thank God you are safe.. otherwise, the truth is main hi hi ho jaata hai’ Another wrote, ‘You are a stunner.’ While the third commented, ‘I also want to join as a background dancer.’ Known for her quirky fashion sense, Bigg Boss OTT fame Urfi recently celebrated her birthday with close friends and family.

    Urfi Javed’s latest video created a ruckus, the actress changed clothes in front of the camera!

    Urfi Javed changes Clothes on Camera Video: Urfi Javed, the bold actress who sometimes wraps her body with wire and sometimes foil, is very hot and always tries something new and strange in her outfits, which no one has ever done Is. All the posts and videos of Urfi become viral on social media within minutes and he also has a lot of fans. Social media sensation aka Javed has recently posted a new video in which he has changed his clothes in front of the camera. Let’s take a look at this viral video..

    As always, Urfi Javed’s new Instagram post has created a ruckus among social media users. You must have seen Urfi’s style and style many times, but you have hardly seen such a video of Urfi. In this video, Urfi has changed clothes in front of the camera and this is the reason why this video is being discussed so much.

    The actress changed clothes in front of the camera!

    In this video, you can see that Urfi is initially sitting in a bra and pajamas when suddenly the bell rings. Somebody gives a box of sweets to Urfi, after which suddenly Urfi’s clothes change after taking laddoos in her hand. Let us tell you that suddenly Urfi is seen in a sexy sari with a bra and pajamas, whose blouse is quite bold, and the palla is also done on one side.

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