HomeFoodMake instant Mawa sweets at home in 5 minutes

    Make instant Mawa sweets at home in 5 minutes

    Make instant mawa sweets in 5 minutes

    If you want to do something special for your brother in Raksha Bandhan or make something special for him, then I am here to help you. Today I will tell you how to make Mawa sweets in a very easy way, which is very easy to make and you can make in a very short time. So let’s see how Mawa sweets are made. Easy Mawa Mithai recipe and what are the things we will need to make it…….

    NOTE: – If you are on a diet or your people can also eat it because sugar is not used in it.


    • Ghee:- 25 grams
    • Milk: 100 grams
    • Milk Powder: 150 grams
    • Vanilla essence:- 1/2 teaspoon
    • Red Food Color: 1/3 teaspoon

    Method of making Barfi:-

    1. First of all, put a wok/pan on the gas and add oil to it.

    2. Add milk to it and mix it until it starts boiling.

    3. Then add little by little milk powder and mix it (so that no lumps remain).

    4. And while mixing like this, add all the milk powder and mix it well.

    5. When the masa thickens and leaves the bottom of the pan, turn off the gas and leave it to cool down.

    6. Mawa was very soft when hot, but hardened after cooling.

    7. Now break it and mix it well for 4-5 minutes.

    8. Then put vanilla essence in it and mix it.

    9. Then divide the mawa into two parts and add red color to one and mix it well.

    10. Now make it like a roll.

    12. Keep in mind that the size of both our males should be the same.

    13. Then take another pedal of the same size from the white flour.

    14. Then stick it on the yellow tree from both sides and lightly press it with your hands.

    15. Then roll it and roll it slightly.

    16. Then cut it with a knife.

    And our Mawa Barfi (dessert) is ready.


    • You can make this sweet in the color of your choice.
    • You can also use sugar powder in this. Here I have made keeping in mind the low-sugar eater.
    • You can also decorate this barfi with your mind.
    • So how is this recipe for making our Mawa sweets? I am sure you would have liked this recipe very much. So this Rakshabandhan must make this recipe and make it a toy. And if you have any questions related to this recipe, then you can feel free to ask us.

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    How to make Rajbhog?

    Mawa barfi | Khoya barfi, make this delicious sweet at home

    Mawa barfi | Khoya barfi Hello friends, today we have brought for you, Mawa barfi | How to make Khoya barfi. This sweet is made from pure milk or khoya, in which sugar and cardamom powder are used according to taste.

    Because of its purity, khoya barfi is made especially during festivals. Be it Diwali or Rakshabandhan or colorful festivals like Holi, everyone likes to make Mawa ki barfi at home.

    This mawa sweet melts as soon as it is kept in the mouth, that’s why everyone likes it. Khoya barfi is very easy to make. There is nothing difficult in making this.

    But for those people who do not know how to make khoya barfi and want to know how to make khoya barfi, we have written this article for those people. Hope you like our Khoya barfi recipe.

    Mawa barfi | What are the ingredients used in Khoya barfi?

    Many people do not make this delicious Mawa ki barfi at home because they do not know Mawa barfi. What are the ingredients used in Khoya barfi? He thinks that many ingredients will be needed to make khoya barfi.

    It is not so, to make khoya barfi, you only need a few things which are usually available at home, like khoya or milk, sugar, cardamom powder, etc.

    Ingredients used in Khoye ki barfi

    • 1kg khoya
    • 300gm sugar or as per taste
    • One tablespoon of cardamom powder
    • some dry fruits to top

    How to make Khoya barfi

    First of all grate the khoya properly. After grating the khoya, put it in a pan and keep stirring it on a medium flame for a while. When our khoya comes in a little liquid state, then we will add sugar to it and stir it.

    After stirring like this for some 5 to 6 minutes, you will see that the khoya has started leaving the bottom of the pan. Now you will turn off the gas. You can recognize this condition in another way.

    The spoon with which you are stirring the barfi will start getting completely coated. Take a flat spoon, it will be easy to stir the barfi with this spoon. Now put cardamom powder in it and let it cool for a while.

    When the burfi cools down a bit, take it out on a lightly greased plate with butter paper. Now decorate it with your favorite dry fruits like pistachios, almonds, etc. Refrigerate the khoya barfi for 1 hour after it cools down a bit.

    After an hour, take out your barfi from the fridge and grind it. Now your khoya barfi is ready. Now you must have known that khoya Barfi Kaise banate hai.

    Mawa barfi, Khoya barfi important tips:

    It is very important to grid the khoya. If we do not grid the khoya then lumps of khoya will come in our barfi, due to which the barfi will become a bit grainy. Because of this the taste of khoya burfi changes.

    Khoya is prepared and stored in the market, while taking khoya from the market, keep in mind that it should be fresh. Because by making barfi from stored khoya, you will not be able to store it for long. So take khoya only fresh, only then you will be able to store the barfi.

    You can also flavor the khoya barfi with saffron essence or vanilla essence.

    Use a nonstick pan to make khoya barfi. With this, you will not have much difficulty in making khoya burfi.

    Mawa barfi

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