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    How to Add Name to Bihar Ration Card?

    Bihar Ration Card

    With the help of the Government of India, every state government is running a ration card scheme for the citizens of their state. According to this scheme, the state government will help the poor families of the state whose economic condition is weak or there is no one to earn in their house. A ration card is issued in the name of the head of the family under this scheme. In which the names of other eligible family members are included.

    Like all the states, the Bihar government provides rations like rice, wheat, pulses, etc. at affordable rates to all the members of the lower-class families of the state through the food supply department. Still, it is seen many times that all the members of the family Due to the name not being in the ration card, and not everyone can get a ration subsidy, keeping this in mind, how can we add the name of a new member to the Bihar ration card today? Going to tell you about it step by step, by following which you can easily add the name of a family member online to your Bihar Ration Card sitting at home –

    Bihar Ration Card | Bihar Ration Card

    The ration card is such a government document, based on which the government provides subsidized food items like rice, wheat, sugar, and pulses to the poor family members of the state, therefore Bihar Ration Card has become a very important document.

    A ration card is not limited to taking ration only on subsidy, but today it is being used a lot as an identity card, so we can say that it is very important for every citizen to have Ration Card. But as we have said many times the names of all the members of the family are not there on the ration card, such as the name of the daughter-in-law or a small child is not there after marriage in the family.

    Bihar, this type of problem often comes in front of the people, then they keep roaming around the government office to get the name of the family added to the Bihar Ration Card 2020, which becomes the cause of the problem, but now you do not need to worry much for it. Because now you can easily add your name or any family member’s name to Online Bihar Ration Card 2020 sitting at home. Below we have explained in detail –

    How to add a name to Bihar Ration Card online?

    It is straightforward to add a name to Bihar Ration Card, the good thing is that here two procedures have been given, the first online and the second offline, below we have explained step by step, following which you can easily apply for Bihar Ration Card 2020. You can add your name or any family member’s name. So let’s know –

    • First of all, you have to go to the official website of the Food Department of Bihar
    • As soon as you come to the website, you will get a form where you have to log in by entering your username and password.
    • After login, here you will get the option of Bihar Ration Card Amendment, where you have to click.
    • Now a form will pop up in front of you where you have to enter your card number and click on submit.
    • Now the details related to your ration card will come out.
    • Here you will get the option to add the name of the family member to the ration card where you have to click
    • Now a form will open in front of you where you have to fill in the details of the family member whose name you want to add to this ration card. After filling in all the information the form has to be submitted.
    • You have now successfully submitted a request to add a family member’s name.
    • After some time the name of the family member will appear on the lost ration card.

    Types Of Bihar Ration Card

    APL Ration Card

    APL stands for Above Poverty Line. This ration card is only for those people in the state, who are living above the poverty line. They have been placed in the APL category. People living in Jharkhand can apply for this ration card. No income limit has been set so far to get this ration card.

    BPL Ration Card – BPL Ration Card

    BPL means Below Poverty Line ie those people who are living below the poverty line. These ration cards are issued only to those people of Bihar who are living below the poverty line. The families that come below the poverty line, their annual income must be less than Rs 10,000.

    AAY Ration Card – AAY Ration Card

    These ration cards have been issued by the Government of Bihar for those people, whose life is being spent in extreme poverty. They either do not have any means of income available or they do not have any fixed income. Application for this ration card can be made on behalf of such people.

    Eligibility for Bihar Ration Card

    • The applicant must be a permanent resident of the state of Bihar.
    • have aadhar card
    • no ID
    • Must have bank account passbook.
    • An income certificate is required.
    • Be it an electricity bill or a water bill.
    • Passport-size photographs of the family members should also be there.

    Friends, today we told you about how to add a name to Bihar Ration Card. I hope that the information given to me would have been important to you and you would have easily applied for Jharkhand Ration Card by following this article.

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